Lojas Renner


Lojas Renner (Brazil)


  • BREEAM International RFO 2015


Lojas Renner is the largest Brazilian department store clothing company, headquartered in Porto Alegre. Renner S.A operates more than 600 stores across Latin America.As part of their commitment to sustainability, they undertook projects to evaluate LEED and BREEAM as methodologies to drive sustainability and demonstrate ESG credentials in their new stores.In early 2020, the company decided to undertake a BREEAM 2015 International RFO Assessment, in order to achieve the first ever BREEAM certified project in Brazil.


Verte has been involved with the project since the beginning of the design process and we have participated in all major meetings and decisions.Working on a project on the other side of the world comes with its own challenges in terms of language and time zones. We worked well with the local designers using MS Teams on a frequent basis, explaining the BREEAM process to a new audience.Verte has assigned a team of experienced, multilingual BREEAM consultants to oversee the development team's workshops, define relevant and translatable standards and monitor sustainability progress with the support of a local sustainability consultant.


The project has already received an interim design stage certificate from the BRE, indicating that the fit-out’s design and on-site management criteria have been approved. As we approach the final submission date, Lojas Renner have aspired to achieve BREEAM Excellent for their fit-out project in Jacarepaguá which, if achieved, will be an incredible achievement for all teams involved and a proud moment for us at Verte.

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